In the rapidly advancing landscape of satellite technology, prominent players are consistently achieving remarkable milestones by expanding their constellations to not only provide higher revisits, but to ensure extraordinary resolution capabilities.

Maxar's WorldView Satellite Constellation is poised to make a great leap forward with WorldView Legion which will provide 29cm high-resolution satellite imagery with an impressive revisit rate of 15 times per day. The constellation will consist of six satellites, each equipped with nine spectral bands. Congratulations to Maxar on the launch of the first WorldView Legion satellites via SpaceX yesterday on 2nd May 2024.

Capella Space will continue to launch more of their next-generation Acadia SAR satellites during 2024, including Capella 14 which launched on April 7th 2024. These new satellites deliver increased image resolution, quality, power and bandwidth [now at 700 MHz], and reduced data downlink latency and delivery lead-times via a fully automated platform.  

Figure 1: First Light image from Capella 14, Boston Massachusetts © 2024 Capella Space 

Another operator aiming to achieve the top capability in 2024 is Satrec Initiative Imaging Services (SIIS). SpaceEye-T, scheduled for launch next year, is set to contribute with its five-band imaging capability. Boasting a spatial resolution of 0.3 m in its panchromatic band and 1.2 m in its multispectral bands, SpaceEye-T promises a swath width of 14 km, bringing advanced imaging capabilities to low Earth orbit. SpaceEye-T not only secures SIIS's entry into the optical 30cm imagery club alongside Airbus, Maxar, and ImageSat International, but also lays the groundwork for the expansion into a constellation of high-resolution imaging satellites owned by the company.  

Integrating higher resolution and quality data into CGG’s current services enables us to provide more accurate products to our clients across multiple industries. With this enhanced resolution and increased revisit time, DEM (Digital Elevation Model) generation becomes more frequent and more accurate, facilitating better understanding of infrastructure development and terrain analysis within our MineWatch service. Additionally, improvements in data delivery lead times are particularly important for CGG’s monitoring activities.

CGG’s status as an independent supplier for satellite operators around the globe guarantees comprehensive and impartial advice, every time. Get in touch with our team to discuss how satellite imagery can support your project.