On the 16th May, CGG announced to the world that we are changing our name to Viridien. We have been CGG or similar for over 90 years so this is pretty big news. But today is the day we officially launch our new brand.

Viridien, (www.viridiengroup.com), is an advanced technology, digital and Earth data company that pushes the boundaries of science for a more prosperous and sustainable future. With our ingenuity, drive and deep curiosity we discover new insights, innovations, and solutions that efficiently and responsibly resolve complex natural resource, digital, energy transition and infrastructure challenges.  

Sophie Zurquiyah, CEO, Viridien, said: “Our new name, Viridien, connects our company’s history to our future, confidently positioning us for accelerated growth as an Advanced Technology, Digital and Earth Data Company.”

At Satellite Mapping, we’ve also gone by many names over our 50 year heritage such as NPA, Fugro NPA, CGG and now Viridien. But we remain the same team, dedicated to delivering high-quality work! CGG’s rebrand to Viridien will provide Satellite Mapping with greater visibility and allow us to grow and expand in our current and prospective markets.  

These are exciting times. We are Viridien.