Linked to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak (and in the interest of keeping our staff, clients, family and friends as safe as possible) our normal in-person Satellite Mapping Seminar (hosted annually at The Geological Society in London) is being run as a shortened “virtual” seminar instead on May 4th 2020 from 14:00 to 15:30 BST. The programme is as follows...

Welcome & Introduction – Richard Burren

Talk 1: Revealing slope stability hazards using satellite InSAR – Hayley Larkin.
Hayley will showcase how satellite InSAR is contributing to the historical mapping and proactive monitoring of slope hazards in natural and man-made environments

Talk 2: MineScope: Satellite-enabled mine site monitoring – Adam Thomas.
Adam will review how our MineScope service delivers critical insights across mine sites, enabling mine operators and consultants to improve safety, reduce uncertainty and optimise site intervention.

Talk 3: Mitigating pollution risk through proactive monitoring of offshore assets: Current capabilities & future scope – Will Jeffery
Will’s talk will demonstrate the value of our innovative new long-term monitoring solution for pollution event risk management around offshore oil & gas assets, showcasing the importance of combining the right expertise, data and end product.

Talk 4: Geological interpretation of satellite data: From surface mapping to structural modelling – Jorge Ginés
Accurate geological mapping is an essential starting point for exploration. Jorge’s talk will demonstrate how the combination of our extensive geological understanding with the unique spatial, spectral and textural information contained within satellite imagery, enables us to strengthen our clients’ knowledge of a diverse range of onshore geological settings.

Talk 5: Connecting satellite seeps to seismic: Identifying new patterns in prospectivity – Rowan Edwards
Rowan’s talk will provide an update on our global Seep Explorer product, the leading global database of offshore natural seeps, and will showcase our recent work combining satellite observations with proprietary CGG seismic data in order to unlock previously unknown offshore prospects in Gabon.

Q&A & Wrap-up – Richard Burren & Adam Thomas

We hope that you and your colleagues are able to join us remotely from either your office or home. Please register for the event on Eventbrite.

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