We are very honoured to have received the 2019 Best Partner Award from SI Imaging Services (SIIS), one of a large number of satellite operators that we work with around the world, enabling us to offer clients comprehensive access to and impartial, expert advice on the best satellite imagery and elevation data options.

SIIS operate the KOMPSAT series of satellites, spanning very high resolution optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) sensors, and have over 130 worldwide sales partners. CGG’s Satellite Mapping team has a long and highly successful relationship with SIIS dating back to 2013.

The award is a symbol of SIIS’s appreciation for CGG’s continuous support and dedication as a loyal partner and distributor of KOMPSAT satellite imagery.

High quality imagery from the KOMPSAT satellites, with up to 40cm resolution optical and 85cm resolution SAR, are exploited by a diverse range of CGG’s clients in support of a wide variety of applications.

We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration with SIIS into the future.

The Great Blue Hole, Belize – Captured by KOMPSAT-3A © KARI 2018, Distribution (SI Imaging Services, Republic of Korea), all rights reserved 

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